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The Guys at the Maryland Renfest 2008

Picture this:  Old friends, hanging out, being people, having fun and talking about whatever comes up.  They are "Some Guys in a Car" and they are on a never-ending road trip of the mind.  Ok, do not picture it - bad idea, excessively many liability issues.  Instead, listen to it.  Come join Steve, Tim, Jeff, Rob, and Art as they talk about what interests them - Movies, Sports, Television, Politics, Technology and much more are all fair game…  …...Chuck Norris listens.  And so should you!

Current Charity of the Guys:

The  Anla'shok REttirement Trust

Ranger Badge of Office

"We are Rangers.
We walk in the dark places no others will enter.
We stand on the bridge, and no one may pass.
We live for the One, we die for the One."


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