datsun 510
1972 Datsun 510

1977 ford thunderbird
1977 Ford Thunderbird

renault le car
1984 Renault Le`Car
In a Car...

Datsun Logo circa 1972

shot gun
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So you ask why the Guys are in a car?

Well it is because everything cool happens in a car, especially when you’re in high school or college. And it was so for the Guys. They all had that special car that you never forget. It is like your first “real” kiss, love or beer.  For the Guys, it could have been Steve’s “Flattery” (so named because “she got us nowhere”) a 1972 Datson 510, even when she was running on 2-3 cylinders.  Maybe it was Jeff’s parents “Banana Boat Yellow” the Oldsmobile station wagon that was keeping the local hub cap seller in business or Tim’s “Woody” Chevy station wagon that was known to be used for “roof surfing” until that fateful night over macho grande (over macho grade?) when he wrapped it around a tree and gave Rob his first concussion. Rob was often seen pimping along in a late 70's Ford Thunder Bird with Star Trek’s – The Wrath of Khan, blasting from the cassette player. And let’s not forget Arts adventure in blowing up Steve’s Dad’s Datson 240Z while Steve was teaching him to drive a stick.

Of course their were other cars that were also Important. TJ’s 1975 Dodge Duster with mag wheels only on one side and the Radio Shack radio with 10 speakers. (yes, it sounded like crap, but hey we were young and loudness mattered­).
It could have been Nicky’s Le Car with the police siren that he “misappropriated” from his job and let’s not forget Rob’s other vehicle a late 70’s full size Jeep Cherokee. This jeep had so much rust that you could drive it “Fred Flintstone” style.


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